Corvo (The Illusionist)

Player Character - William Alfo


Name: Corvo (the illusionist)
Level: 27
Race: Human
Class: Bard
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 140 lb
Deity: Loki


Hit Points: 46
Strength: 10
Intelligence: 23 (10 + 4 class bonus +9 skill points)
Dexterity: 10
Movement speed: 7
Armor class: 23 (10 + 4 + 4 + 5)



Health Potion(9), Chains (20ft), Empty Canister(10),Tybalt Calling Coin, truth serum(10), Bottle of Absinthe, Tent, empty Soul Gem(1), black book, grand soul gem(1), Banshee bomb (1)

Armor/ Clothing:
Color changing suit (soul gem) + 3AC. Depending on the color gives the player a + 5 resistance to all types of elements, and deals 5 damage of the element chosen to any physical attackers. Flower on the lepell that absorbs 1 magical attack and stores it. The player can use magical attack on their turn. (Equipped)

Spider silk cape: – 3 to any magical damage the player takes. The player can turn invisible for 1D4 turns or until they preform a major action.(Equipped)

All Terrain Shoes: No rough terrain and the player can walk on walls, ceilings, trees, and water. (Equipped)

Mask of the Watcher: +1 Armor Class. Personally crafted by Abraxus for the head of the Black Covenant. The Mask of the Watcher enables the player to see their target through all forms of natural and magical darkness and prevents the players vision from being impaired in any way. The keen eyes of The Watcher can also see invisible enemies and gains a +10 bonus to Spot & Search checks.

Floating shield: + 4AC and Floats and orbits the player. (Equipped)


Silver Ring: + 3 to INT based attack/ Damage rolls. (Equipped)

Gold Ring: 1 spell is able to be used as a free action once per round. spell may change once at the start of each session. (Equipped)

Glove Amplifiers: + 5 to all INT based attacks (Equipped)

Serpentine Amulet: Summons a 15ft long viper that the player controls for 10 turns. HP 190, AC: 24, MS: 11, STR: 46, DEX: 45. INT: 15, can constrict targets, and their Fangs deal 3D10 + 10 on going poison. Can only be used once per day.

Insect Amulet: Allows the player to understand and speak insectoid languages

Tomb of speech: add + 10 to all diplomacy and speech checks

Deck of Cardsx2: 54 cards in a deck(52 + 2 jokers). Each card deals 2d6 damage plus face value of the card. When the player pulls a joker they target one enemy. The next attack to hit that enemy is a crit.
(Deck 1-54/Deck 2-54)


Sacred Rose: A rose that looks normal but grows and can be used as a staff or whip. If used as a whip its range is equal to 1/2 their INT mod(6), deals 2D10 + 2D4 thorn damage, gains a + 5 when performing a trip or disarming targets. Rolls with this whip go off of INT. When used as a staff the player gains + 5 to attack/damage rolls. (Minor action to switch between staff and whip)


Racial Ability:

Conqueror’s Right – At first level the player gains an additional 2 Skill Points and an Ability of their choice. (cannot be upgraded).

Holograms (Level 5) – The player can create holograms that can look like and mimic any person including themselves. The hologram has 1/5 their max HP, they cannot attack, have the same stats as the original, their MS, and any passive abilities. During the holograms turn they can use health potions on others, disarm, grapple, or trip a target. Holograms of the person must be taken out first before they can attack the real one. The player can have up to 2 holograms out at once. When a hologram is taken out by battle they are absorbed by their attacker. They take a -3 to their attack rolls until the end of their next turn. If the target takes out both clones in the same turn they take a -4 for 2 turns

Character Abilities(Passive)

Protective Barrier (Level 3) – It is always covering the player to protect them from natural elements (snow/hail, rain, cold, heat) and cuts any lingering damage in half. The barrier becomes visible when the player is hit. They gain a +5 to AC. Can be reapplied if dispelled.

Archmage (Level 3)- The player can now perform 2 additional spells per turn.

Character Abilities(Non-Offensive)

Teleport (Level 2) – The player may teleport the number of squares equal to half their INT modifier (6) once per round. This takes place of the player’s MS. As a spell the player may teleport any willing person to a new location. The range is equal to ½ the player’s INT mod (6). The player must be able to see both point A and point B.

Orb of Light (Level 5) – The player creates an Orb that floats 20ft up and emits a light that covers a 3×3 area around the orb. They can only have 2 orbs out at once. Not only does it emit a normal light, it makes any spell/creature/trap that is normally invisible visible to all allies. The player can move the orb an amount of squares equal to half their INT modifier (6) as a minor action. If the orb is over a target they are blinded for as long as they are in its light, and for 1 turn after they move. The ball of light lasts for 1D6 amount of turns. During its last turn instead of just disappearing it explodes light damage equal to 1d12 + player’s base damage modifier. If an ally is caught in the blast, any damage they would take heals them instead. The player can explode the orb early on their turn instead of casting a spell.

Reflective Shield (Level 3)– The player designates two targets and covers them in a shield of magical energy that lasts 1d6 rounds. While shielded the target receives 1/3 less damage and that damage is dealt back upon their attacker.

Stable Portal (Level 1)- The player casts a spell to open up a portal that breaks the time-space/dimension barrier. They can have up to 2 portals at once on the field. If both portals are open they are connected and can be used to travel from one to the other. Each portal lasts for 1D4 turns.

Character Abilities(Offensive)

Void Bomb (level 5) –This ability costs 2 spells to preform. The player can use 1 spell to charge it and other to throw the Bomb. If the charge is held the player may still perform other spells while charging this one. If the player takes more than 1/2 their max health in 1 attack they loose their charge and bomb is set off. This ability has an AOE of 5×5, and all targets are susceptible to void damage. The orb of void damage remains on the field until the start of the player’s following turn. Anyone hit by the orb takes 4D10 damage, and If anyone is caught within the orb and attempts to attack they take a -5 to their attack rolls. For every turn that passes that the player holds their void bomb charged they gain + 1 to their MS, DEX, and INT damage rolls while nova bomb is charged. ( cap is + 5) if they reach max charge they can’t lose the bomb.
( 13 + 13=26 attack rolls/ 6 + 8=14 damage)

Deity Abilities

Loki’s Staff (Level 5) – The player prays to their deity Loki during battle and in return is granted the use of his staff for 4 turns. During those turns the player is immune to all INT based attacks. Any INT damage that would be taken is now sent back to the target. The staff allows for completely silent spells, an additional 2 spells each turn, adds +7 to the player’s intelligence, and the player summons 1 hologram of themselves upon the acquisition of the staff. If the free hologram dies they are reborn at the start of the players tturn for every turn they have the staff.
Bonus Abilities

Fame & Stature (Level 1) -The player is very well known around the plain of Ornen and somewhat known in most other plains. Being a skilled performer has given the player many connections with royal families and the high scale stores/establishments. Player gains a +2 to speech rolls.

Illusions (Level 1)- Spending many years studying the art of illusions the player has perfected only but a few minor ones. Their smoking pipe never needs to be lit, and although worn in many battles the player’s suit is always clean and never ripped.

Immortality- The player will never die by growing old or any type of aliment; only die by combat.


It is not common to hear his name without his subtitle. Earning his title (The illusionist) through the combination of his holograms and teleportation he can make it look like he is anywhere and everywhere. At a young age he yearned for fame and fortune due to his family being poor. His father was gone for months at a time looking for jobs to do from town to town sending money home. He started small with corner shows. Breathing fire, eating strange foods, and ripping/ repairing personal items. As the crowd grew his show had to as well. Adding disappearing acts and escape artistry put him over the top.

He soon found himself putting on shows for royal families, and high end establishments. He always remembered where he came from, and when he became too expensive for towns to afford his show he offered trades for his services. Corvo was able to learn many new spells and incantations this way. During a tour in a demon plain he was offered his most exclusive job yet. Abraxus is throwing a party for the return of his daughter, and wants Corvo to be the nights entertainment. This is an offer he can’t refuse. He has done a few demon parties before, but nothing to this extent. He knows he will have to pull out all the stops for this one.

Corvo gets there to see a ball room filled with all sorts of demons. They are all dancing around and enjoying themselves. Corvo makes his way to the center of the room and makes his grand entrance.
“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this wonderful event. We are here to celebrate the return of the great Ananta.” Corvo teleports to the stage." And until she gets here I am tonight’s entertainment. I am here tonight to show you demons things you have never witnessed before. I know most of you know how to teleport but can you make others disappear with a snap of your hand? Any willing volunteers? " As Corvo goes on with his show it seems to be going flawless. The crowd loves his act. It looks like even Abraxus is coming down from his thrown to watch the show.

What he was really doing is starting the revolt. As soon as the other saw Abraxus making his move the rest made theirs. Corvo couldn’t hold them all off and eventually was taken hostage. Abraxus showed him the wall of capture stones. There were at least 15 of them showing different groups of adventures fighting demons for their life. Abraxus pointed out one capture stone out in particular. There was a large group fighting a pale figure who was able to create multiples of himself. As he watched all but 2 get slain the rest of the party was celebrating their deaths. He watched the 2 survivors walk through another portal, only leading to a fiery pit. Abraxus told his guards that were holding Corvo to throw him with them. They will all be dead soon. Corvo was dragged to a portal and was thrown into it. Left to think on his feet he now must figure out how to use his preforming skills in combat, or die.

Corvo (The Illusionist)

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