Ghovak Dragnov

Player Character - Brian Malone




Name: Dragnov
Level: 27
Race: Goblin
Class: Blackguard
Height: 4’8
Weight: 160 lbs
Deity: Aetherius

Hit Points: 86
Strength: 27
Intelligence: 10
Dexterity: 10
Movement Speed: 8 (40 feet)
Armor Class: 10 +0 (Dex) +8 (Armor) +10 (Shield) +2 (Battle Hardened) = 30



Gold: 5,500,000


Absorption Armor – +8 armor. Enemy takes a -3/-3 to all att/dmg roles against this player.

Tower Shield – +10 armor


Elemental Flame Sword: 2d12 + 10 fire dmg. Once per turn upon successful melee atts, at the end of all actions, the sword spawns a flame spawn. There may only be 2 flame spawns alive at once. (Flame Spawn has 20 hp, 0 Int, 20 str, 10 dex, 10 AC. Does 2d6 dmg. When it dies, blows up causing 5d6 fire damage in a 3×3 square. [This player is immune to it])


(10) Health Potions

Food Rations




The Amulet of Life – Wearing this amulet heals its wearer by 10 Hit Points at the end of their turn. Lost appendages will be restored within one day of while wearing the amulet.

Ring of Grounding – Wearing this ring neutralizes the critical damage the player would normally sustain from lightning based damage. (Grants immunity to lightning damage if the wearer is already neutral to it).


Racial Ability

Deep Pockets (Level 1) – Goblins start with an additional 10,000 starting gold. (Additional levels grant extra gold). The player gains a +5 to Bribery, Bluff, and Diplomacy checks and all items purchased cost 10% less than normal.

Character Abilities

Sword Shield Proficiency (Level 5) – The player receives a +7 bonus to attack and damage rolls with one handed weapons and shields. Once per round the player may attempt to block an oncoming attack with their shield against an attack by rolling a d20 + their Armor Class if roll exceeds the opposing attack roll the player receives no damage and may perform an attack of opportunity in response. The player may perform an additional two attacks per round with a melee weapon.

Unholy Smite (Level 5) – The player attacks their foe with a powerful strike dealing double weapon damage. Opponents struck by this attack receive a -7 penalty to damage rolls until the end of their next turn. (Costs 2 attacks)

Dark Aura (Level 5) – The player emits an aura around them of dark energy within a 45×45 foot square. Enemies within this area receive a -5 penalty to attack and damage rolls.

Lightning Charge (Level 4) – +5 Lightning damage. Can be placed on any weapon and lasts till the end of combat. Any foe dealt damage with a charged weapon gets halved movement speed till the end of their next turn. (Costs 1 attack)

Bodyguard (Level 3) – Allies within 10 feet of the player have their Armor Class treated as your Armor Class (if it is higher). If the attack would successfully hit its intended target the player may choose to redirect it to themselves.

Intimidation (Level 3) – The player receives a +6 bonus to Inimidation checks. The player can intimidate any targets within 30 feet.

Sneak Attack (Level 3) – +3 bonus to attack rolls against flatfooted enemies and deal 3d6 points of Sneak Attack damage against them.

Bonus Abilities

Battle Hardened – +2 natural bonus to Armor Class

(Level 1) -

(Level 1) -

Divine Ability

Aetherium Tune Up – Calling out to Aetherius, the player gains a +5 to str, int, dex, +10 to AC and receives immunity to psyonic damage. The player also receives Aetherius’ armblade. This ability lasts 4 turns.

Armblade- 3d12 damage. Rolling a natural 15 or above on the attack roll counts as a critical. Natural 20 on the attack roll decapitates any non boss humanoid.

Ghovak Dragnov

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