Apollo, The Last Hope


Name: Apollo , The Last Hope
Level: 27
Race: Aasimar
Class: Paladin
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 220 lbs
Age: 168
Deity: Uriel


Hit Points: 98
Strength: 19 (9 +8(Lvl up) +2(Nat strength for being Celestial))
Intelligence: 14 (11 +1(Lvl up) +2(Nat Intelligence for being Celestial))
Dexterity: 10
Movement Speed: 6
Armor Class: 28(10 +9(Armor) +9(Shield))

Shining Light Battle Armor of The Heavens: Gives +9 armor to the player.
Holy Radiance: The player as an action releases an explostion of holy light healing all allies for 1d10 health and dealing 1d10 holy damage to all enemies within 10ft square of the player.

Light Bringer of The Heavens: Deals 2d12 worth of damage. Also smites targets hit by the blade for 2d6 holy damage. The player gains life equal to half of the amount of damage dealt when the blade is used. If the target is a demonoid they are burned for an extra 2d6. The player now critically hits with any attack roll that is a natural 15 or higher, and any natural 20’s now cut off the targets head unless targeted at a specific body part cut off that body part.

Staff of Swarming Insects: 34 charges. Expend 1 charge to summon a swarm of locust dealing. Expend 3 charges to summon a swarm of wasps dealing.

Aegis of The Heavens: Gives +9 armor and +4 to all elemental resistances to the player. Enemy weapons suffer a permanent -5 to attack and damage rolls after the player successfully blocks them.

Ring of Damaging Light: +21 points of light damage. All sources of light damage that crit deal x3 light damage.

Serpentine Amulet: Summons a 15ft long viper that the player controls for 10 turns. HP 190, AC: 24, MS: 11, STR: 46, DEX: 45. INT: 15, can constrict targets, and their Fangs deal 3D10 + 10 on going poison. Can only be used once per day.

Gold: 71.99 Mil.


Racial Abilities:

Angelic Flight: The player has birdlike wings that allows them to fly at up to double the base movement speed of the character with great maneuverability.

Immunities: The player as a celestial being has an immunity to fears and intimidations. The player also gets an immunity to diseases.

Character Abilities:

Sword Shield Proficiency(Level 5): The player receives a +7 bonus to attack and damage rolls with one handed weapons and shields. Once per round the player may attempt to block an oncoming attack with their shield against an attack by rolling a d20 + their Armor Class if roll exceeds the opposing attack roll the player receives no damage and may perform an attack of opportunity in response. The player may perform an additional two attacks per round with a melee weapon.
Uriel Form: now allows the player to attempt to block three times per round. All weapon damage dealt during an attack of opportunity in response to a block gets doubled.

Holy Consecration(Level 3): The player consecrates the ground underneath him within a 35ft square of the player that burns all enemies standing on it for 1d10 worth of holy damage as magic damage at the end of their turn. the ground stays burning for 3 rounds.
Uriel Form: now burns the ground to 50ft square of the player. Increases the durration of consecration by 2 rounds. Now deals 2d8 damage to enemies. Heals ally’s within the consecrated area for half of the damage dealt.

Imbue Weapon-Divinity(Level 2): The player spends an action imbuing a weapon with the power of holy light granting the weapon a +4 bonus to attack rolls and +4 points of Light damage on damage rolls. This effect lasts for 1d6 rounds.
Uriel Form: The player now gets +8 to attack rolls and +8 points of light damage on damage rolls.

Heaven’s Protection(Level 5): The player taunts an enemy within 45ft of the player and grants a divine shield to a target ally.
Uriel Form: All enemies are passively drawn to attack The player.

Swing of The Gods(Level 3): The player swings his blade in a 15ft range across. Deals 1d6 damage to all enemies hit. Knocks down all enemies hit.
Uriel Form: Now swings 30ft across. Deals 1d12. Throws all enemies hit 1d6 spaces back.

Bodyguard(Level 3): Allies within 10 feet of the player have their Armor Class treated as your Armor Class (if it is higher). If the attack would successfully hit its intended target the player may choose to redirect it to themselves.
Uriel Form: Bodyguard now halves the redirected damage.

Light Spawn(Level 1): The player takes an action to summon a light spawn that has 1 action per round and can either
1) Heal an ally for 1d10.
2) Empower an ally increasing their attack rolls by +2 for a full turn.
3) Give an ally a divine shield.
Uriel Form: The player can have one extra light spawn at a time.

Deity Ability:
Incarnation of Uriel: The player becomes an embodiment of Uriel. Granting all friendly players a divine shield. Greatly increasing the capabilities of the players other abilities. This lasts 4 turns.

Bonus Abilities


Apollo, The Last Hope

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