Deity - Mother of All Magic


Mystryl had a mercurial personality that reflected her chaotic nature. She could be coldly serious one moment, and laughingly boisterous the next. She could be blushingly innocent or sagely wise, blithely unfocused or relentlessly dedicated. But in all her capriciousness she tried to do what she thought best for the Weave and practice of the Art in Toril. If she had flaws it was that at times she seemed naive and too trusting. Her followers and those who used magic for good or ill were sometimes made aware of her approval or disapproval by a gift, a message, or aid in some form.

Being the embodiment and consciousness of the Weave, Mystryl could wield magic like no other being. She had no practical limitations on how many spells she could cast, how powerful they were, how often she could cast them, or what form they could take. Unless she willed otherwise, she was immune to all spells except those that bypassed her control of the Weave and drew on the raw magic from which the Weave was woven. She could withhold magic from any entity, making spellcasting impossible, and even prevent them from using magical items if she so desired. She could block other deities from accessing the Weave, but she could not prevent them from granting spells to their priests through prayer.


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