Zoltun Kulle

Player Character - Matt Prosa



Level: 27
Race: Mind Flayer
Class: Mage
Age: 250
Height: 6’11"
Weight: 170 lb
Deity: Mystryl the deity of all magic
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Hit Points: 32 HP
Strength: 7
Intelligence: 26
Dexterity: 10
Movement Speed: 6
Armor Class: 16


Attack rolls using Magic: 16 from int mod + 4 from affinity + 5 from Kilrogg = 25

Attack with psionic = 26

Damge rolls using Half int mod: 8 from half int mod + 4 from affinity + 5 from Kilrogg = 17

Damage with psionic = 18

Attack 4 times in one major action, 5 attacks if i don’t move, and 2 daily actions per daily


Gold: 145,994,000 gold

27 health potions

1 Black soul gem
1 Soul Gem


Magic Absorbent Silk Robes – +6 AC Player receives 50% less damage from magic based attacks.

Mystryl’s Circlet Maxed – Phase walking EL 3, missle reflection EL 2, Divine Shield EL 5, Psionic Teleporting EL 10, +1 att and +1 dmg to psionic, and gain Telekinesis

platinus shield UNEQUIPPED.


Eye of Kilrogg (Platinus Soul Gem) – +5 to Attack and Damage rolls for magic attacks. Grants the player the ability to read someones mind within line of sight.

Platinus soul gem abilitiy: Searing Light – (1/2 player level rounded down) d4 light damage to a single enemy target. Can only be done once per round. Friendly characters struck or within 5 feet of a struck target are healed an equal amount.


Gold Ring – Once per day he can put one spell in to the ring that he may cast as an additional spell on their turn. (Daily spells are one additional casting per day).

Ring of Quick Reaction – Once Per round the player may react to a character’s action after it has completed.


Racial Ability

Telekinesis (level 1): The player can move an object up to 25 pounds for 20 feet as an attack.

Psionic influence: +2 to mind reading checks

Mind Blast (Level 5): The player fires a concussive blast of psionic energy at the target rattling their mind. The attack does 3d12 points of psionic damage and the target receives a -7 penalty to all rolls until the end of their next turn.

Character Abilities

Archmage (Level 5): The player gains 3 additional spell casts in one major action (4 spells total) and daily spells can be cast a second time (2 dailies total).

Life Shield (Level 4): All damage cast by the player is returned back to them as 4/5 of temporary hit points and first fills any missing HP. Can stack, Can be dispelled. Max 100 THP.

level 5: 100% of damage dealt returns as healing. any excess forms a shield with HP up to a maximum of 100 the shield takes up a 3×3 area around the player and can protect allies from damage. On the players turn they may perform an attack action and move their shield on to an ally

Magic Affinity (Level 3): The player is more magically attuned and gains bonuses of +4 to attack rolls and +4 to damage rolls.

Electric Bolt (Level 5): The player Casts a Bolt of Lightning to Hit a Target dealing 3d12 Lightning damage. If this successfully hits the target they lose an attack and then hits an adjacent enemy within 15 ft. The Additional enemy does not lose an attack .

Radiant Bomb (Level 5 daily): The player sends a bomb of radiant damage to explode in a 6×6 area causing 10d6 points of radiant damage to enemies and that exact amount is also healed to allies. excludes the player.

Heal (Level 1): The player Casts Heal on a target and they receive 1d6 + (6) half int mod back as health points.

Deity Ability

Aspect of Mystryl

Once Per day (ArchMage does not apply) the player channels their Deity through his own body gaining a fraction of their power this is a full round action. This Bestows the unique robes of Mystryl herself to the player. This Grants the player +10 to all magic related rolls. At the start of the players turn when the robes are bestowed the player casts a flurry of 5 of any of their spells (doesn’t count towards the players normal actions that turn) The player levitates so he is unaffected by movement imparing effects. These Robes Last 4 turns otherwise if the player continued using them their body wouldn’t be able to handle the shear power of channeling his deity.



Zoltun Kulle

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